Thursday, April 25, 2013

11 Months!

 Anders, on September 28, 2012, you turned 11 months old!

 You weigh around 18 pounds.
Wearing size 3 diaper during day, size 4 at night.
Your clothes are mostly 9 month, but some 6 month stuff still fits well.
You are still nursing, although we will be weaning soon.
You sleep wonderfully at night.  About 12 hours.
You have said "ball" once or twice, but it's random & you will never say it when we ask.
And speaking of, you like to throw the ball now...I think that makes your Daddy really proud.
You will randomly giggle & it is hilarious.  If you hear us or others giggle (even people sitting at another table at a restaurant) you will just bust out laughing.  
You are officially a cruiser.  You are all over the place when holding on to the furniture or a toy.  You will even hold our hand & walk.  When you do that, you like to take a small step with your left foot & then a really BIG step with your right.  It's too funny.  
You can also say "Suzy" which is so sweet!  We're pretty sure that you think every dog is a Suzy...
You also like to point & wave now!  You are so friendly as you like to wave at everyone.
The middle of this month, we had to take you to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Your left eye had a tendency to turn in slightly & we needed to get it checked out.  Dr. Richards was super with you & let us know that this wasn't a big deal & would probably correct itself over time.  For now, we will patch your right eye for an hour a day for 4 weeks to strengthen your left.  Not too bad!
Here are some pics from your eleventh month:

First Tech football game!

Loves to swing at the park

Dad bought you a camo outfit.

 Naked piano playing

Playing with a kid at the eye doctor.  You had a dirty diaper at one point & he said to us "Um...I don't know what he smells like."  We said "Does he stink??" He replies "A lot."

Arg, ye matey!  Wearing your patch

Enjoying a cheerio snack

We cannot believe that in a month, you will be a year old.  I want to go cry!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Months!

Anders, on August 28, 2012, you turned 10 months old!

You weigh around 17-18 pounds.
Wearing size 3 diaper during day, size 4 at night.
Your clothes are mostly 6 month.
You nurse 4 times a day, but it's difficult to get you to be still long enough :).  Just this month, I've stopped pumping so that I can begin the weaning process.  I figured out that since I have plenty of milk frozen, about 800 ounces, I don't need to continue pumping, ha!  I never had a nursing goal, but I've decided we'll stop close to a year.  You're just too distracted & mobile!
You started MDO for the school year today & we're so excited!  You love playing with other kids & this gives us a little time apart, which you definitely need.  I'll be honest, the month between summer & fall MDO wasn't the easiest.  I could tell you were so ready to go back.
You love to eat & you aren't really interested in purees anymore.  I'm trying to use up what we have so it doesn't go to waste.  When you do eat a puree, you like to suck it from the pouch instead of me feeding it to you on a spoon.  You're a very independent eater :)
You have a few more teeth, 6 total & you are always on the move.  You are a very fast crawler.
You love getting in to the dishwasher & I really think you recognize the sound of it opening from a mile away as you will come crawling into the kitchen to try to climb in it.
Your favorite thing at the moment is the koozie drawer.  You will get every koozie out & throw it on the ground.  It's a fun game you like to play all day long.  Sometimes I just leave them on the floor for a few hours instead of picking them up 13 times a day...
You will now say "mama" & "dada" to us, which just melts our hearts.  You will also say them when you babble while playing, whether we're around or not.
You now recognize "what a dog sounds like" & will bark when we ask.  Your bark is very soft & you don't do it every time, but we know you're trying! I guess it helps that Trip & Suzy never stop barking.
You can stand on your own, but haven't taken any steps yet.
You had your first night/weekend away from mama this month!  I thought I would be really emotional leaving you for the first time, but it was much needed for this mama so I was more excited than anything, lol.  It helped that you were in wonderful hands (Gran, Papa & Ashleigh) so I knew you would be just fine.  Daddy & I had a great time in Greenwood, MS at the Alluvian Hotel & Viking Cooking School.  It was a birthday/anniversary get-a-way & we will be going back.  So much fun.

Here are a few pictures from your tenth month:

First day of MDO/school picture

Playing with friends at MDO/school

Stuck in the side of a bookcase



You love to brush your teeth!

Getting into everything

You love being outside & looking out the windows if we're in.  The puppies know which window is yours & will come visit when we're playing :)

I guess we drove you to drinking

Swinging again!

I just wanted a simple sugar & you went in for the kill

You're obsessed with your daddy mowing the grass.  If we're not outside watching him, you're staring out the window

Our weekend away!  We prepared food from "The Help" & it was delicious & so much fun.  We haven't made any of the food at home, but I know we will soon.  I don't think too far ahead in my meal prep.  I need to get better at that, though.

Anders, you are so much fun!  You have the best personality & we love you so much.  Can't believe in 2 short months, you will be a year old!  Time flies, sweet man...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 months!

Anders, on July 28, you turned 9 months old!

 You weigh around 17 pounds.
Wear size 3 diaper & your clothes are mostly 3-6 month, but you can still wear a few newborn pjs.  You're almost too long so we'll be retiring them soon.
You are still nursing 4 times a day & on Tuesday & Thursday, you get a bottle at Mother's Day Out.
Speaking of, you love MDO!  You love everything about it.  It's over for the summer now, but will pick back up at the end of August for the school year.  We can't wait ;).
You are eating a lot more "people" food now.  You love to feed yourself & aren't really interested in purees anymore.  I've got to start getting more creative with meals for you.
You babble all the time & have said 'mama' & 'dada' a lot but you don't say it to us...we think you will call us by name really soon, though!
Hasn't really been too much going on this've gotten a few more teeth & are just crawling around everywhere like you're racing someone, ha!

 Here are a few pictures from your ninth month:

Before Mom's 10 year class reunion

Camera curious

Pulling up on everything

I haven't totally regretted this purchase like to play with it, but mostly want to chew on the stick :/

This is my view

I gave you a mum-mum for the first time...
you loved it & asked for 1 more!

"Oh shoot! She caught me!"

Obsessed with watermelon

Fun at the pool

Hanging with Auntie Sarah! David Scott was too busy throwing sticks in the bayou to get in the picture.

Anders, you light up our lives & we love you dearly!

Monday, August 27, 2012

8 Months!

Anders, on June 28, 2012, you turned 8 months old!
(Yes, I wrote the wrong month...realized it a few weeks later, lol...too lazy to redo)

Not sure of your weight, but you are pretty chunky (well, chunky for you, lol).
You wear a size 3 diaper & can now wear a lot of 6 month clothes, but you can also still fit in some 3 month & newborn pjs.
You take 2 good naps each day, one at 9 & the other around 2 & they're 1 1/2-2 hours.
You are sleeping well at night, going to bed around 7-7:30 & sleeping no later than 7.  Your night sleep has been affected by teething, but it's not too bad.  You always put yourself right back to sleep.  We don't like you being restless sometimes, but what we really don't like is you waking up earlier!  You now seem to want to get up around 6...I let you hang out in your crib until 6:45.  You'll talk to yourself & have a good 'ole time until I come in there.  It's pretty cute.
We noticed your first tooth popping through on June 3.  It was on bottom & the other popped through a few days later.  You are adorable with your little teeth!
You are still nursing about 4 times a day.  You are in Mother's Day Out on Tuesday & Thursday so you get a bottle before lunch on those days.  I have to say, it's quite a struggle nursing you, sweet boy.  You are so in tune to everything that's going on around you that you do not like to sit still to nurse very long.  I've had to convince myself that you are very efficient now & you are growing as you should so you are getting enough.
You are eating a decent amount of baby food, too!  You have loved everything you have tried, which is so wonderful.  You really like feeding yourself more than getting pureed stuff, but I'll only give you bites of banana or cheese to satisfy your eating independence for now.
You started Mother's Day Out at church at the beginning of June & you love it.  It will only last through July, but it's been a good start since you will be going this school year, too.  You are a social butterfly & love being around other kids.  You also love your teachers & we are so happy because they will be your teachers in when you start in the fall.
You can give a high five now!  On June 12, your daddy was feeding you dinner & casually held up his hand & said "Give me a high five" & you did!  We were so shocked & you have done it every time since then, even to David Scott, which he loved.
On June 16, you started crawling! Well, I guess I should say you started scooting quickly...You didn't start really crawling on hands & knees until a few days later.  You were pretty hesitant for a little while, but as soon as it clicked, you have been non stop!  You love this new independence!
On June 20, we noticed you start pulling up on the couch & it has turned into pulling up on any & everything.

Here are some photos from your eighth month:
First day of Mother's Day Out!

Father's Day 2012.  Pop, Dad & Anders

Love to swim!

 First baseball cap

Chillin with Dad

Right before we lowered your crib mattress :)

Chunky Monkey in the big tub!

Trying to make your escape!

This has been a month full of big things!! You are growing up before our eyes & continue to amaze us everyday.  We love you sweet boy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 months!

Anders, on May 28, 2012, you turned 7 months old!
Monthly pictures are getting harder :)

You weigh around 16 pounds, but I'm not certain since we didn't have a doc appointment this month.
You wear a size 2 diaper, mostly.
Finally starting to wear 6 month clothes!  You can still wear some little stuff, though.
You are now napping twice a day & they are good naps.  About 2 hours long.  Per MOC, a nap over 2 hours could affect night time sleep & you've never napped over that amount of time, as if you know.
Still sleeping well at night, although you have some teeth about to break through so you have fussed once or twice some nights.  You will typically go right back to sleep.
You are nursing about 4 times a day, sometimes 5.
You started eating real baby food on your half birthday & you love it!  We started with squash.  Since then, you have enjoyed carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet peas, green beans, pears & apples.  You aren't too fond of bananas or avocado, but I'm slowly reintroducing you to those.
You are sitting up like a big boy now!  We're still having to cushion the ground behind you because you will get really excited & start bucking & go falling backwards.  You're learning to keep your balance better, though.
You went on your first road trip!  We went with Gran, Papa, David Scott & Auntie Sarah to visit Memphis family Memorial Day weekend.  It was their first time to meet you & David Scott & they are as smitten with you two as we are! We had a ton of fun & you did great the entire trip.  I'll write about our trip in another post.

Here are some pictures from your seventh month:
Loving carrots!

Enjoying dinner on the patio at Sundown

Relaxin' at wal-mart

Your new favorite game - I drop it, you pick it up

Starting to scoot backwards!

A rare nap on mom.  Precious boy!

Big boy sitting up!

Checking out Dad's new lawnmower

What up seven months!!