Thursday, April 25, 2013

11 Months!

 Anders, on September 28, 2012, you turned 11 months old!

 You weigh around 18 pounds.
Wearing size 3 diaper during day, size 4 at night.
Your clothes are mostly 9 month, but some 6 month stuff still fits well.
You are still nursing, although we will be weaning soon.
You sleep wonderfully at night.  About 12 hours.
You have said "ball" once or twice, but it's random & you will never say it when we ask.
And speaking of, you like to throw the ball now...I think that makes your Daddy really proud.
You will randomly giggle & it is hilarious.  If you hear us or others giggle (even people sitting at another table at a restaurant) you will just bust out laughing.  
You are officially a cruiser.  You are all over the place when holding on to the furniture or a toy.  You will even hold our hand & walk.  When you do that, you like to take a small step with your left foot & then a really BIG step with your right.  It's too funny.  
You can also say "Suzy" which is so sweet!  We're pretty sure that you think every dog is a Suzy...
You also like to point & wave now!  You are so friendly as you like to wave at everyone.
The middle of this month, we had to take you to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Your left eye had a tendency to turn in slightly & we needed to get it checked out.  Dr. Richards was super with you & let us know that this wasn't a big deal & would probably correct itself over time.  For now, we will patch your right eye for an hour a day for 4 weeks to strengthen your left.  Not too bad!
Here are some pics from your eleventh month:

First Tech football game!

Loves to swing at the park

Dad bought you a camo outfit.

 Naked piano playing

Playing with a kid at the eye doctor.  You had a dirty diaper at one point & he said to us "Um...I don't know what he smells like."  We said "Does he stink??" He replies "A lot."

Arg, ye matey!  Wearing your patch

Enjoying a cheerio snack

We cannot believe that in a month, you will be a year old.  I want to go cry!

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